Baby Aragonite Cluster

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Manage your life with aragonite! This crystal keeps you centered and calm, especially when stressed or angry. It teaches you how to delegate when you push too hard or are overwhelmed.

Aragonite promotes healing by balancing and activating all chakras. It is a great stone for centering yourself during moments of stress. It exudes Capricorn energy, helping you manage your responsibilities while remaining disciplined, practical and reliable. Aragonite is also very much an earth element mineral, having been formed at low temperatures within the Earth, such as in caves.

Aragonite comes in a variety of colors. Our aragonite cluster comes in shades of earthy red and orange. When holding one in your hand, its texture and energy is like a cluster of quartz points. Let its earthy vibrations sit in the palm of your hand to ground yourself before meditating.

• Grounding, Self-Discipline, Managing Responsibilities
• Approximately .25 x .75 in.
• All Chakras
• Astrological Sign—Capricorn
• Earth Element


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