3 Denver Show Trends & Takeaways

by Mystic Valley

3 Denver Show Trends & Takeaways

Kristy and Dina made their annual pilgrimage to the Denver Mineral, Fossil, Gem & Jewelry Show (a.k.a. Denver Show) last week. It is gigantic with 11 miles of tables, 525,000 square feet of selling space, and 500+ dealers/vendors from around the globe.

While there, they bought 5 pallets of wares to bring back to St. Louis. Needless to say, Mystic Valley is restocked with new merchandise for the holiday season. These items will be making their way onto the floor (and website) over the next few months!

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Trend #1: Figurines

Lots of cool and different figurines! Most are crystals & gemstones, but some are made of wood and other materials: skulls, shrooms, ankhs, pyramids, frogs, turtles, dragons, gem trees, human bodies (and body parts). Many are small, but we carry all sizes.

Trend #2: Raw Stones

Now restocked with celestite: light blue; helps with mindfulness. Also vivianite: often green-blue-indigo; helps with love and protection. New: strawberry quartz. Finally, we have moldavite: very powerful and strong; from a 14 million year old meteorite.

Trend #3: Jewelry

A ton of new and unique styles! Moldavite rings and bracelets. Copper spiral chakra pendants with various stones and gems. Shiva lingam stones from India and Libyan Gold Tektite. Chip bracelets. Also, gem tree, shroom, and wire wrapped point pendants.

Final Takeaways

Or course, it was not all work and no play. Kristy and Dina were able to find their favorite tacos, coffee, and desserts at the show. It was also great to see so many vendors back after surviving the COVID years. Can't wait for you to come see what's "in store!"

25 Sep 2022
Deborah Murphy
Ladies, I am going to be house hunting October 2nd through 4th in the suburban St Louis area and very excited about this new chapter! My immediate family is all back up in Chicago so this will be only a 5-hour drive there as opposed to a 10-hour one from Bella Vista, Arkansas.

Just before covid hit, I moved here from the Sedona area where I was very much into meditation and wellness circles, Reiki shares, etc. I am looking forward to connecting with like-minded individuals up your way so very excited about coming into your shop and meeting all of you with the intention of sharing knowledge and wisdom!

In-joy your day, and namaste!

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