Celebrating 10 Years in Maplewood's Downtown District

by Mystic Valley

Wow! 10 Years in Maplewood's Downtown District

10 years. What a long strange trip it has been. It seems like just yesterday we were literally flexing our muscles at our new store. We hosted a "Ribbon Cutting" with the Maplewood Chamber of Commerce where we received a "Key to the City" from the Mayor.

Ten fingers and ten toes. Ten Commandments. The decimal system. The completion of a cycle. The Tarot 10 Wheel of Fortune card predicts fortune and the start of a new cycle. And we are so fortunate because our customers and our community support us.

We simply can't say it enough.... Thank you so much for all you do for Mystic Valley!

On Friday, July 8th: Let Them Eat Art and 10% OFF

The exact date we opened: Friday, July 13th, which happened to be on Let Them Eat Art. Thus, we will kick off our "anniversary" this Friday, July 8th, during Maplewood's annual event. Stroll streets and shops. Enjoy art and music. Sample food and drink.

Free 10 minute readings at our Mystic Valley shop during Let Them Eat Art. Has it been a while since you have shopped here? Make sure you stop in to browse our store! New items are now in and customers love our coffee, teas, smoothies, and treats.

Another way to celebrate? Savings! 10 years in business means you get 10% OFF your in-store or online purchase. This promotion starts on Friday, July 8th, and lasts for a week (through Friday, July 15th). Use code MYSTIC10 when buying online.

On Saturday, July 9th: Psychic Fair and Mystic 9 Day

Saturday, July 9th, is both the Psychic Fair (which is on the 2nd Saturday of every month) and Mystic 9 Day (where customers earn 1½ loyalty points on the 9th of every month). Combine the above with 10% OFF your purchase. What's not to celebrate?

After 10 years, we are going through old photos. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram for some pics from back in the day. We are also making videos on TikTok at @mysticvalleystl. Come join the fun! We love customer feedback too!

Note: Mystic Valley turns 35 in October. Stay tuned!

11 Sep 2022
Thank you, Mary! When our Dad, Vito Ponticello, opened the store in 1987, we had no idea we'd be carrying on his vision 35 years later. It has been a blessing and an honor to serve our customers, who have become part of our Mystic Valley Family. We hope to continue for many more years!
10 Sep 2022
Mary K Zagarri
What a great month to celebrate!! CHEERS to 35 YEARS!! CHEERS to MANY MANY MORE!!
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