Part 1: 10 Awesome Years! 10 Awesome Items!

by Mystic Valley

Part 1: 10 Awesome Years! 10 Awesome Items!

Some of the questions we always get asked: What are your best sellers? What items do customers really like? Can you recommend something for me? I am new to this and want some advice on where to start. What is popular? Can you show me the latest trend?

Instead of answering each and every question, we put our heads together and came up with 10 favorites currently in store and on the website. It is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but a list of fun, cool, useful, and popular items we think you might like.

#1 Tumbled Stones

We think rocks rule! Our customers love the wide variety and types of tumbled stones we carry. Whether in store or online, you will find stones to empower protection, confidence, luck, and/or calming energies. Whatever your heart desires!

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#2 Singing Bowls

Change your vibration for the better with our singing bowls. They are great for meditation, cleansing, and centering. Many Mystic Valley customers quickly find that our singing bowls are both a relaxing and easy alternative to smoke cleansing. 

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#3 Nag Champa

Our go to incense! Nag Champa is a classic original. We have been selling it forever. Have you walked in our Maplewood store and felt an immediate calming effect? This is the scent customers most associate with Mystic Valley. For good reason!

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#4 Sage Spray

Sage is one of the oldest and purest methods of cleansing a person, group of people, or space. Use this spray on yourself or in your space. An easy and smoke free way to quickly reset a space. Popular with teachers, therapists, travelers, etc.

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#5 Chime Candles

These candles are inexpensive, burn fast, and light the way toward manifesting your intentions. Mystic Valley offers a variety of colors and each has its own energy. Find a perfect holder and annoint the candle with an oil to enhance your intention.

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Stay tuned! Part 2 coming soon!

21 Jan 2023
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