Bronzite Medium Tumbled Stone

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Strengthen your connection to your purpose with Bronzite Crystal! Carry these crystals to release negativity and improve determination while building your self-esteem.

Bronzite stone is about conviction and motivation when you’re faced with indecisiveness and uncertainty. True to its association with the fire sign of Leo, it ignites your inner courage to act. Bronzite is also about courtesy and hospitality, directing you in kind and equitable service to others.

In color, bronzite will remind you of tiger’s eye–though its patterning is more similar to the fibrous patterning found in jaspers–having earthy tones with the metallic shimmer of magnetite and speckles of pyrite.

You know you got this!
• Selfless Service, Decisiveness, Adaptability, Motivation, Balance
• Adaptability, Strengthens Willpower, Improves Certainty
• Approximately .75 x .75 in.
• Root and Sacral Chakras
• Astrological Sign—Leo
• Fire and Earth Elements


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