Cell Phone Shungite Tile

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By attaching this Shungite phone tile to your device, you can reduce the impact of EMF radiation, which is often associated with fatigue, stress, and decreased focus. This sleek Shungite phone tile is an innovative accessory that harmonizes and protects. Shungite is a rare carbon-rich stone and is renowned for its ability to neutralize electromagnetic fields (EMFs), making it an ideal companion for your phone, computer and tablet.

Not only does it offer functional benefits, but its polished, minimalist design also adds a touch of sophistication. It's a perfect blend of modern technology and ancient natural protection, ideal for those who want to stay connected and be protected!

• Reduces Inflammation, Oxidative Stress and EMF Exposure
• Grounds Your Energy, Protects and Harmonizes
• Diameter 1.25 in.
• Root Chakra
• Astrological Signs—Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn
• Earth Element


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