Clarity & Enlightenment Incense

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Simple Prayer Clarity & Enlightenment Incense elevates prayer and meditative energy, enlightens, and carries a light fragrance to attract feelings of love, bliss, clarity and the reminder that all is well. This powder incense, handmade by an initiated priestess and spiritual medium (Espiritista), is great to use in yoga, massage and wellness studios to enhance relaxation.

Complete instructions are included.

Iyalorisha "ChiNaka" Baba'Miwa is a fully initiated priestess in the Orisha Tradition, Lukumi. As a trained espiritista (spiritualist) who truly enjoys the work of co-creating spiritual products that help to bring enlightenment, blessings, LOVE and remove negativity.

• Simple Prayer Brand
• Handmade
• Instructions Included


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