Dragon's Blood Jasper Medium Tumbled Stone

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Dragon's Blood Jasper heals body and spirit, increasing your vitality and personal power. Partner with them to activate creative problem-solving and encourage taking inspired action.

The earthy greens of dragon’s blood jasper stone come from epidote and its blood-red color comes from piemontite. Epidote is an energy amplifier while veins of piemontite are connected to the heart. Both minerals give the stone its qualities of strength and vitality. Dragon’s blood reminds us that courage is not about having physical strength but about connecting to your heart.

Dragon’s blood jasper can be a useful meditation tool for you. Place it over your heart as you reaffirm your inner strength and personal power.

Awaken your inner dragon!
• Courage, Strength, Determination, Optimism, Stability
• Cellular Regeneration, Persistence, Growth, Fertility
• Approximately .75 x .75 in.
• Root, Heart and Earth Star Chakras
• Astrological Signs—Gemini and Sagittarius
• Fire and Earth Elements


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