Egyptian Goddess Perfume Spray 1.87 oz

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This captivating blend whispers a tale of mystery and allure. It intertwines the sensual touch of musk with the delicate caress of florals and a hint of powder. It's not just a scent; it's an experience that transports you to a realm of ethereal beauty and grace. Embrace the Goddess within with Egyptian Goddess Perfume Spray.

As this fragrance warms on your skin, it transforms and merges with your essence, making it unique to everyone. Embrace the divine fragrance of Egyptian Goddess and let it empower your spirit on your journey of magic and discovery. 

Ready to uplift, inspire, and transform any moment, this spray bottle is your perfect companion to immerse yourself in this seductive and soft scent.

• 1.87 oz
• Spray Bottle
• Musk, Floral and Powder
• Mixed in small batches for Quality
• By Auric Blends


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