Florida Water

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Use Simple Prayer 9 Herb Florida Water for cleansing and protection. Spiritually cleanse your body, cleanse and uplift chakra points and heighten your spiritual gifts. It's also great for charging crystals and other spiritual tools.

Florida Water is made by an initiated priestess and spiritual medium (Espiritista) with loving prayers. Ingredients include angelica root, mint, cinnamon, citrus, frankincense, jasmine, essential oils and juniper berries.

Iyalorisha "ChiNaka" Baba'Miwa is a fully initiated priestess in the Orisha Tradition, Lukumi. As a trained Espiritista (spiritualist) who truly enjoys the work of co-creating spiritual products that help to bring enlightenment, blessings, LOVE and removing negativity.

• Simple Prayer Brand
• 8 oz.
• Handmade


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