Green Aventurine Extra Large Tumbled Stone

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Lost your lust for life? Place a Large Green Aventurine crystal in your space to reconnect to your optimism and joy! These stones generate prosperity and promote emotional healing.

Green aventurine is a type of quartz whose green color is due to chrome mica particles, also known as fuchsite. It’s associated with the heart, helping to heal and protect you from emotional pain, and it can clear and activate your heart chakra.

Green Aventurine stone can supplement your Aquarian energies as a stone that motivates your creative and adventurous spirit. It is also about connecting with your instinct, helping you take decisive action while leading with your heart.

Winners create their own luck
• Creativity, Prosperity, Abundance, Good Fortune, Vitality
• Peace, Growth, Earth Connection
• Heart Chakra
• Astrological Signs—Aries and Aquarius
• Water and Earth Elements


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