Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards

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Kyle Gray, a globally recognized expert on angels and the author of the bestselling book Raise Your Vibration, presents a groundbreaking oracle card deck aimed at elevating your energy, enhancing intuition, and sparking spiritual growth. Featuring 45 ascended masters and enlightened beings, Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards offer guidance, healing and nurturing to those who seek it.

Endorsed by renowned oracle expert Colette Baron-Reid, this deck blends masculine and feminine energies, featuring traditional figures like Lord Buddha and Mother Mary, alongside Earth-based deities such as Gaia and Cernunnos, as well as contemporary favorites like Sanat Kumara, Lady Venus, and Saint Germain. Each card, beautifully illustrated by visionary artist Lily Moses, emanates messages from a deep meditative state, empowering spiritual seekers to trust their intuition and enrich their practice.

The deck encompasses angels, ascended masters, goddesses, gods, and twin flames, providing diverse spiritual inspiration and guidance. Example cards include Archangel Michael urging trust in heavenly support, Gaia encouraging connection to the Earth, Isis empowering manifestation, and Lord Ganesh promising abundance.

Keepers of the Light Oracle Deck serves as a conduit to connect with celestial beings, inviting their healing messages and wisdom into your life.

• Oracle Cards
• Created by Kyle Gray
• Artwork by Lily Moses
• Cards are 3.5 x 5 in.
• Comes with a 119 page guidebook


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