Moldavite Tiny Raw

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Moldavite, a stone of transformation, will accelerate spiritual evolution and drastically change your life, so be ready! This powerful tektite resonates with all chakras, especially the heart and third eye, facilitating deep emotional healing, enhancing intuition and connecting to higher spiritual realms. Moldavite is a catalyst for physical, emotional, and spiritual detoxification. It can help release traumas, clear blockages, open the mind to new perspectives, and increase psychic awareness.

Moldavite's physical effects are associated with revitalization. Due to its high vibration, you may experience what is known as "Moldavite flush," a sudden rush of heat, headache, nausea or emotional release when you first wear it. If you experience any of these symptoms, take it off and wait a few days.

Moldavite stone is a rare, olive-green tektite formed from the impact of a meteorite nearly 15 million years ago in the region of the Czech Republic.

• Transformation, Psychic Awareness, Emotional Healing
• Approximately .25 x .5 in.
• All Chakras
• Astrological Sign—Gemini
• Air Element
• From Czech Republic


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