Petrified Wood Medium Tumbled Stone

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Connect to ancient wisdom and strength with Petrified Wood! These fossilized trees help you surrender your fears and trust the Universe. Meditate with one to access past lives.

Petrified wood is a fossil—the echoes of a once-living ancient tree in the form of chalcedony and quartz. You can see the remains of the tree’s growth rings in many of these tumbled stones. Because its organic past life has transitioned into life as a stone, petrified wood is about accessing the deep past and reconnecting with the Earth.

As a stone of transformation, Petriied Wood can teach us to release our fears about change and trust in the Universe, our guides and the wisdom of our ancestors. It is a great companion while meditating on your ancestors or past lives.

• Grounding, Transformation, Strength, Patience, Acceptance
• Approximately .75 x .75 in.
• Root and Third Eye Chakras
• Astrological Sign—Leo
• Earth Element


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