Selenite Round Box with Lid 3.5 in.

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Place your crystals inside a Selenite Round Box with Lid to cleanse and charge them with positive energy! This exquisite Selenite is a beautiful and functional piece for your spiritual toolkit. This box is carved from luminous Selenite, known for its serene and cleansing energy.

This Selenite Box is perfect for storing and purifying your smaller crystals, jewelry, or sacred items. Selenite is revered for its ability to clear negative energy, promote mental clarity and bring deep peace. It's also great for enhancing meditation and spiritual work. Its gentle, moon-like glow not only adds a touch of elegance to your space but also infuses the environment with its calming and purifying properties. Selenite emits clear, high vibrations to infuse your space with light.

Keep those vibes light and clear!
• Cleansing, Clearing, Calming, Peace, Activation
• Clarity, Divine Connection, Protection, Releasing
• 3.5 in. Diameter
• Third Eye and Crown Chakras
• Astrological Sign—Taurus and Cancer
• Air Element


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