Sensual Honey Soap

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Simple Prayer Sensual Honey Soap is an all-natural and organic bar soap that can be used to relieve stress and anxiety, and attract love, prosperity, creativity and joy. This hand-poured artisan soap bar is made with amber, cinnamon, honey and natural roses by an initiated priestess and spiritual medium (Espiritista).

To use, lather up and wash your entire body. Use daily or for special occasions to invoke love, especially self-love.

Iyalorisha "ChiNaka" Baba'Miwa is a fully initiated priestess in the Orisha Tradition, Lukumi. As a trained espiritista (spiritualist) who truly enjoys the work of co-creating spiritual products that help to bring enlightenment, blessings, LOVE and remove negativity.

• Simple Prayer Brand
• Handmade
• Inspired by Oshun


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