About the Consultations

Born and raised in the heart of St. Louis, Missouri, and under humble beginnings, I've always noticed a need in the community for nurturers who could provide checkpoints to let a person know they were on the right track in life, and provide specific tools that would help them actualize their goals.


I now know that each individual's journey is unique and that their lives tell a story. Sometimes that story, or narrative, needs to be heard or acknowledged by another in a safe space where they are free to get honest and begin to make changes for the better and their highest good.


In my younger years, I discovered many different ways to show I cared for the community around me. I often had the opportunity and privilege to show empathy through volunteer work in community outreaches. For the last decade, my journey into assisting others has included work within mental health programs and facilities, substance abuse programs, sexual abuse and domestic violence support groups, and therapeutic service work for those rehabilitating back into society. This experience has allotted me the space and capacity to reach and encourage people when they feel the most vulnerable. Now I use these opportunities to impart Light and Positive Energy to the individual in need—right where they are.

What is Shadow Work?

Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung coined the term "the shadow aspect." He described it as becoming conscious and recognizing our personality's "dark aspects" as present and real. These attributes do indeed have a present and real effect on our lives. Facing your shadow involves going within and beneath the surface area of one's life and evaluating the current health status of the mind, body, and soul. Doing this is essential to any journey toward self-knowledge in a truly authentic way.


Sometimes, people are uneasy when they hear the term "shadow work ." But, shadow work is simply put, an INTENTIONAL look within at the parts of You that need to be IDENTIFIED, whether you are conscious or unconcious of them, and what parts need to be ADRESSED. This is necessary to move towards healing and working to release that which no longer serves You. Together, we will Dive Deep using practical techniques to help you get even closer to living your Best Life.


Be Luminous, Face your Shadow, and begin your journey within—Back to Self.



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