Em Holmead

Em Holmead


About the Consultations

Em Holmead (they/them) is a shadow worker who creates a safe space for clients to speak on the vulnerable subjects that are affecting them during their sessions together. They uplift, uphold, and credit indigenous narratives that have always helped humans respect and reconnect back to earth and source. Em connects and channels spirit through intuitive readings through various divination practices, elemental energy healing, and alchemical affirmation art pieces to find a path that works best for each client's journey. They realize that there are 8 billion realities of human existence on this earth and that not every journey or session will look the same. We live in a world that has taught us that we need to search outwardly to find knowledge in order to heal. Em helps remind every client that their power, wisdom, and the answers they are seeking lie within.

Shadow Worker:

Em guides clients through divination tools and spirit to see their shadow selves through the lens of light to help them navigate and clear blockages surrounding fear and shame in one's existence. The idea of the "shadow self" was popularized by famed psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung, and according to neuroscientist and author of The Source Tara Swart, Ph.D., it's composed of the parts of yourself that you reject. "They're in your personality," Swart explains, "but you're blind to them because you don't want to see them." To shed light and love on our shadow selves is to unconditionally love every version of oneself.

Intuitive Divination Readings:

Em uses all of their divination practices/tools rolled into one, including: tarot, dream cards, oracle cards, and bibliomancy. They tap into their psychic abilities and intuitively choose through the help of spirit to use what tool is best for the client in the moment during the reading.

Alchemical Art Affirmation Pieces:

Em enters into a flow state to channel affirmations to transmute fear-based thought patterns and create an art piece on top to cleanse the client's energetic body to align them with their most divine self. All of which works in a similar fashion as a light code to help shift the client energetically into their most authentic self when read.

Elemental Energy Healer:

Em calls upon archangels and spirit guides to help guide them through cleansing, clearing, and protecting the client's energy body when it is out of alignment. The energetic elements in our energy body, over time, can become weighted more to one side creating blockages and Em helps to release and clear to help clients flow easier through their days.


  • Last Tuesdays 12:00pm-6:00pm
  • Wednesdays 12:00pm-6:00pm
  • Fridays 12:00pm-6:00pm


Intuitive Divination Reading with Spiritual Guidance


20 minutes

Intuitive Divination Reading with Spiritual Guidance


30 minutes

Intuitive Divination Reading with Spiritual Guidance


45 minutes

Intuitive Divination Reading with Spiritual Guidance


60 minutes