Michaela Turner


About the Consultations

Dr. Michaela’s intuitive gifts opened naturally in 1986 shortly after she gave birth, and she turned to divination tools to learn how to turn her gifts on and off. She gained ground and mastery over her new abilities. She did readings for her friends before she began professional consultations in 1989. Dr. Michaela established her company, DeerWolf Unlimited, in 1995. She began her shaman training in the same year under the tutelage of medicine men and women from all over the world. Dr. Michaela learned to open the Akashic Records in 2002. She completed her mediumship certification in 2018. With an undergraduate degree in education, a master's degree in general psychology, and a doctorate in organizational psychology, Dr. Michaela coaches individuals and organizations in being mindful, in setting up mindfulness practices, and to more readily follow their intuition without having to know why, which is hindsight's job.

Akashic Records:

Dr. Michaela opens your Akashic Records using a prayer and your name. With that information, Dr. Michaela consciously channels information from your Book of Life. What people state most often is that the information provided was the thoughts that were rolling around in their heads; they didn't understand how it all fit together until the Akashic Records consultation. Questions at the soul level are most appropriate for an Akashic Records consultation; for example, inquiries about your purpose, your mission, the lessons you are learning in particular situations, with particular people and how to best use your experiences for your highest spiritual growth. Yes/no questions typically do not work. How, where, who, and what are the best question words. Question words that begin with why or when typically offer information you cannot use; for example, When will I meet my soulmate? After the fire. You will feel uplifted and validated for the life you are living and the choices you are making. Sometimes the Records will say things that you do not want to hear. Dr. Michaela delivers the information gently. After the opening prayer, the Records normally begin with a soliloquy. When the Records are complete, you will have an opportunity to ask your questions.


  • Mondays 12:00pm-6:00pm
  • 4th & 5th Saturdays 12:00pm-5:00pm


Akashic Records Reading


15 minutes

Akashic Records Reading


30 minutes

Akashic Records Reading


60 minutes