Small Rose Water

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Crystal Infused Rose Water helps relieve symptoms related to anxiety and depression. It helps attract love, cools anger and elevates heart chakra energy. Quality Rose Water is made by an initiated priestess and spiritual medium (Espiritista) with natural ingredients infused with roses, crystals and loving prayers.

To use, spray around your face, back of the neck and rest of the body to raise the vibration and frequency of love. You can also create a love-filled environment by spraying in any home, classroom, work space, car, etc. It's also a great skin toner!

Iyalorisha "ChiNaka" Baba'Miwa is a fully initiated priestess in the Orisha Tradition, Lukumi. As a trained espiritista (spiritualist) who truly enjoys the work of co-creating spiritual products that help to bring enlightenment, blessings, LOVE and remove negativity.

• Simple Prayer Brand
• 4 oz.
• Handmade
• With Atomizer


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