Moldavite Part 2―The Stone of Energetic Transformation

by Anahata Roach―The Crystal Coach

Why Is Moldavite So Hard to Work With?

Many people find Moldavite too scary. "It gives you a headache!"  "It makes you dizzy." "It makes you feel sick."

That's no excuse to stay away from the stone!

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The Healing Properties of Moldavite

Moldavite is such a high frequency mineral that your human energy field needs time to get used to it and to come up to its frequency level. Moldavite is THE stone of TRANSFORMATION. Would you expect that kind of energy to be warm and fuzzy? You can respect Moldavite, but you don't need to fear it.

Anahata's Experience with Moldavite

True Story: Early in my awakening journey, I was called to purchase a piece of Moldavite, even though it made my head throb when I held it. I didn't understand why I needed this weird looking stone, but I did what I was guided to do.

First Place Moldavite on Your Altar

At home, I had started my first crystal altar on a fireplace mantle in my dressing area. I put my new Moldavite stone on this altar, where it didn't give me a headache. Every morning I would pass by it and feel its energy. Ugh - why did I get this stone? This went on for about 3 weeks.

Listen to Your Intuition

One day, I passed by and literally heard it say in my head, "Wear me."

What???? "No," I said. "You give me a headache."

"Wear me," it said. "I don't have a way to wear you," I said.


<Sigh> "OK."

Allow Your Energy to Rise to Moldavite's Energy

That afternoon I went to Mystic Valley and bought a copper "cage" necklace on a silk cord, put the Moldavite in it and placed it around my neck. After 3 days of feeling a low grade headache like quitting caffeine, I finally felt it no longer had an effect on me. I could wear it like any other piece of jewelry. My body's energy frequency had risen to the level of the Moldavite and I no longer had to worry about it bothering me.

Moldavite Is the Stone for Transformation

You don't have to avoid Moldavite, you just have to become attuned to it. Give it a try if you feel called to get a piece of your own. Your life will be forever changed and transformed.

Anahata Roach the Crystal Coach

Anahata is a holistic practitioner who uses her intuitive gifts and knowledge of stones, guided meditation and coaching to help find more balance, energy and peace. She offers Crystal Reiki, Crystal Resonance Therapy and Intuitive Readings with Crystal Cards at Mystic Valley on the 1st and 2nd Sundays of the month. Learn more about Anahata.

We're Here for You!

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