Moldavite―The Stone of Energetic Transformation: Part 1

by Anahata Roach―The Crystal Coach


When a meteor struck the earth eons ago, it is said that the impact fused earth and heaven to create this special stone called Moldavite.

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Healing Properties of Moldavite

The vibration of Moldavite is extremely high and humans who are drawn to work with it will have to come into resonance with its frequency. It's been known to produce headaches or lightheadedness when holding the stone for the first time.

Healing Benefits of Moldavite

If you are ready to co-create a transformation in your life, Moldavite is the stone to wear, carry, or place on your altar with your intention. During these interesting times in which we live, circumstances may dictate some action on your part. Perhaps you feel stuck―you need to move on but find every excuse not to do it. Moldavite will support your need to change and transform your life for the highest and best good.

Where Moldavite Is Found

It is found in only one region on the planet - primarily in the Czech Republic. The actual crater where the meteor struck is in Germany, but the "strewn fields" where the Moldavite fragments landed are elsewhere.

How Moldavite Was Formed

When the meteor struck, the earth's crust melted with the heat of impact and the molten glass was blown up into the atmosphere, where it cooled into various shapes and colors on its way back down, carried by the wind.

What Moldavite Looks Like

Moldavite looks dark but is a bright, translucent green when held up to a light source. The surface pitting and striation of the stone is due to the effect of the wind and soil erosion where it landed. Some Moldavite pieces captured bubbles of 15 million-year-old air as it cooled. No two pieces are exactly alike.

Do you want to learn how to work with Moldavite? Stay tuned for part 2!

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Anahata Roach the Crystal Coach

Anahata is a holistic practitioner who uses her intuitive gifts and knowledge of stones, guided meditation and coaching to help find more balance, energy and peace. She offers Crystal Reiki, Crystal Resonance Therapy and Intuitive Readings with Crystal Cards at Mystic Valley on the 1st and 2nd Sundays of the month. Learn more about Anahata.

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