About the Consultations

Most people tend to analyze situations in a very logical fashion, based on a set of unconscious assumptions and on a very limited set of unknown expectations - and therefore tend to only come to a very unsure set of conclusions which may limit their ability to understand situations they find themselves in.


The shuffling of the cards by you forces me to tap into a mindset where I am able to clearly tune in with my intuition and can lead to fresh ideas, insights by utilizing my Spirit Guides to begin solving problems in new and interesting ways. I don't think of Tarot Readings I do as "fortune telling" although that is one of the things traditionally associated with the use of the Tarot.


Fortune telling appears to work by taking account of all of the influences that are acting on a person at any given time & extrapolating the most likely course of events over the next few months. I am aware that it can never be 100% successful simply because there are so many random factors in day to day life so that although we may be heading in a particular direction today, there's no reason to think something might not make us deviate from that path tomorrow.


The very act of a Tarot Reading gives you more insight & perspective than you had prior which must surely influence the decisions you make from then on. I fervently know it does work, and that, for my purposes, is what really matters. I gain personal joy from helping others. The best way to find out is to have a Tarot Reading performed for you or a friend.


"Professional Tarot Reader since 2007".



  • Wednesdays: 12:00pm-6:00pm
  • Fridays: 4:00pm-7:30pm


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